A stay in the contryside

Rural accomodation in Mas Riera


Mas Riera is a carefully restored farmhouse which still retains the charm and history of the thirteenth century. Its small and familiar neighbourhood is surrounded by truly natural and beautiful scenery that will take you back to its past. Although Maia de Montcal and Dosquers Township are spreaded over a smooth plain area, mountains such as the Mare de Déu del Món, the Bassegoda or even the Comanegre will catch your attention, at first sight.

Located in the eastern boundary of the region of La Garrotxa, touching the lands of the Empordà and the Pla de l'Estany, Mas Riera has the strategic feature of being close to all of them. Besides that, its familiar and natural neighbourhood offers you an enviable tranquillity where you can enjoy a few days of relaxation and leisure.

  • Climent Riera
    Dolors Tubert
  • Owners


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  • RIERA-1 for a 6/8 people
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  • RIERA 2 for a 5 people

  • Both housing for a 13 people

    No pets allowed



Natural spaces, rest and enjoy the family